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As they would say in Swahili, kwa heri…

Posted in Pavemo's Blog on March 31, 2012 by pavemo

This blog used to be a site where I would occasionally indulge myself in random rantings, jokes, screenshots, thoughtful and insightful analysis, and general trolololzing about. It was fun while it lasted, and when I had the time to contribute. I’d like to thank everyone that’s ever taken the time to view this page, and I sincerely hope that I brought a little laughter into your lives, provided a little entertainment, and perhaps on rare occasions even inspired some thought.

Unfortunately, I won’t be continuing to play WoW in the coming expansions, so I won’t have much to rant and rave about. I decided to remove this blog, but was too lazy to actually figure out how to take down the page, so I just mass privatized and made this farewell post. I hope everyone that has once played the game and has stopped enjoys their lives, and I hope that everyone who continues to play the game continues to enjoy their virtual lives.

The Angry Gnome

P.S. <3 u rayray ;)